14: Loyal Customers, Grocery Relationships, Employee Empowerment: Jannie Teitelbaum’s Success Recipe


In this episode of the Business Superfans Podcast, Jannie, the owner of a pie business, shares her entrepreneurial journey from a home kitchen to multiple locations and grocery store distribution. She discusses strategies for customer loyalty, such as creating a neighborhood store feel and offering product demos in stores. Jannie highlights the importance of maintaining relationships with grocery stores through regular contact and marketing efforts like creative signage and promotions. She also emphasizes the value of a positive work environment and empowering employees. The episode covers Jannie’s effective use of social media and targeted Facebook ads, which have significantly grown her customer base and online following. The host and Jennie underscore the significance of building relationships and making repeated contacts to secure sales. Listeners are directed to Jannie’s website and offered a discount for joining her mailing list.


Jannie Teitelbaum has been an entrepreneur for much of my life, having run a few businesses. When she moved to Michigan from northern Virginia, she decided to start a food business because she always enjoyed making food. When trying to decide what food business she was going to start, she began asking friends what kind of food they’d want. It turned out that many people wanted better options for convenient meals since most are filled with processed chemicals. She saw an opportunity to offer all-natural, home-cooked food that people could store in the freezer and make when they need it.

As a child, she loved pot pie, so she set out to create a delicious recipe like the one she used to eat. After 6 months of trying different recipes, she made a Chicken Pot Pie for her family and her son, Steven, exclaimed when he ate it, “This is the best pot pie I have ever eaten!”, and she knew that she had the perfect recipe.

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Bullet Points

  • Jennie’s journey from starting her pie business to expanding to multiple locations and distributing products in grocery stores
  • Creating loyal customers and maintaining relationships with grocery stores
  • Strategies for retaining employees and turning them into loyal team members
  • Visiting stores, doing demos, and using signage and promotions to attract customers
  • Building relationships with customers, employees, and business partners
  • Using social media and organic growth to build a following
  • The importance of multiple contacts to make a sale
  • Offering a discount for joining the mailing list

Best Quotes

‘Jannie Teitelbaum’, 00:04:43, “But I had these customers coming back to see me every week; it was really fantastic.”

‘Jannie Teitelbaum’, 00:11:00, “We really put effort into, I don’t want to call it old-fashioned, but you know, like that neighborhood store that you would walk into, that everybody knew your name.”

‘Jannie Teitelbaum’, ’00:23:06′, “Yeah, that’s worked really well for us, and it also shows the stores that we’re paying attention to them.”

‘Jannie Teitelbaum’, ’00:24:02′, “Like, right? And whenever we do a demo, we always have a picture taken of the person who’s there, and we post it on social media that day.”

‘Jannie Teitelbaum’, ’00:25:10′, “Oh, thank you. Yeah, we do also pay for some Facebook advertising, and we target certain markets, and that’s worked very well for us.”


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Episode Transcript

14: Loyal Customers, Grocery Relationships, Employee Empowerment: Jannie Teitelbaum’s Success Recipe

Jannie Teitelbaum (00:00:00) – We really put effort into. I don’t want to call it old fashioned, but, you know, like that neighborhood store that you would walk into that everybody knew your name and you’d see them all the time, and you recognize them. Even though our pies can stay in the freezer for a year and a half. We have people who come in every week. You know, they want to try something new. Some of them keep it in the freezer because it’s nice, you know, rainy day or cold night or something. Have you ever.

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Jannie Teitelbaum (00:01:40) – Thank you. Thanks for having me.

Freddy D (00:01:42) – So tell us, how did you get started? How did this idea come up with pot pies?

Jannie Teitelbaum (00:01:47) – Well, I was kind of semi-retired and very bored, and I, I wanted to do something with food. I had had other small businesses before, but I had never done anything with food. So, I started making healthy bars like granola bars or krispy bars, like that type of thing.

Jannie Teitelbaum (00:02:04) – And people would say to me, that’s great, but we need dinner. So, I don’t remember honestly how it started, but I started working on recipes for a chicken pot pie. I did it on paper for almost a year and then we finally made stuff. I don’t know why it took me so long, but I finally made one and I was in a women’s network group at the time. Just some women business owners who would get together once in a while and we always would bring food. So, I made one of these chicken pot pies and one of the ladies said, wow, this is really good if it’s your new business. And I said, well, I don’t know yet. And she said, well, it is now because I’m buying one. Oh wow. And that was it. That was it. Wow. And then somebody said, oh, my husband’s gluten free. My daughter is vegetarian, you know. And anyway, I started coming out with all these different recipes. Yeah.

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