18: From Homeless to Sales Manager: The Unbelievable Transformation in Bill Sparks’ Team


In this episode of the Business Superfans Podcast, Bill Sparks, a former chemical industry executive turned health insurance business owner, discusses his transition to entrepreneurship and his dedication to building a successful team. He shares an inspiring story of helping a once-homeless agent become a top sales manager, highlighting his commitment to supporting and transforming lives. Bill emphasizes the importance of trust, value delivery, and continuous personal and professional growth. He offers advice on creating a positive team culture and the “superfan effect,” where satisfied team members and clients promote the business, leading to organic growth. Bill also touches on the need for adaptability and incremental business improvement. Contact information for Bill is provided for those interested in health insurance services.


William Spark, or as he prefers being called Bill, has been happily married to my wife Brenda Sparks for 19 years and we have a son named Will who is starting his first year at the University of Memphis. Our family enjoys traveling, hiking, and trying out new restaurants all over the US. After working as an executive in the chemical industry for 34 years, he retired and evaluated various entrepreneurial opportunities.

Ultimately, he decided to start a Health Insurance business, which has now been running for 5 years and has grown to become the largest in the southeast division for USHEALTH Advisors. It is a very fulfilling business as we help others attain quality and affordable health benefits. Today he manages the largest USHEALTH Advisors agency in the southeast with a team of over 40 agents.

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Bullet Points

  • Bill Sparks’ journey from the chemical industry to the health insurance business.
  • The story of helping an agent who was previously homeless to transform his life.
  • Bill’s approach to building a successful team of agents in the health insurance business.
  • The importance of earning trust and delivering value to customers.
  • Developing a strong mindset, work ethic, and skill set in the industry.
  • Building a good nucleus by starting with one agent at a time and helping them be successful.
  • Creating a system to ensure the success of independent agents.
  • The impact of building a team of superfans and the fan effect.
  • The importance of making adjustments and adapting to changes in the business.

Best Quotes

Bill Sparks, 00:00:58, “He was working 14-15 hours a day, trying to learn the system, learn how to be successful, and we helped him financially for three months until he got on his feet. And he did, and he grew to be very successful.”

Bill Sparks, 00:16:10, “Some people come into this kind of business that are changing their life financially. I mean, some folks, this is their last opportunity. They’re broke and they have nothing to lose, and then you see those individuals transform their whole life through this opportunity.”

Bill Sparks, 00:23:34, “I did have an agent who was one of my reports, came in pretty much homeless… He was living in his car basically, and we didn’t really know that until a little bit later until we brought him on.”

Bill Sparks, 00:25:26, “And that’s my goal, to be financially independent so I can do more of that. Just a helping hand, a little lift up, makes a big difference.”

Bill Sparks, 00:26:00, “I mean, he is a super fan of mine, but I was glad to do it. Sure, and I would do it for someone else too, you know that situation? Luckily, it just worked out good for both of us.”


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Episode Transcript

18: From Homeless to Sales Manager: The Unbelievable Transformation in Bill Sparks’ Team

Freddy D (00:02:00) – William Sparks, or as he prefers being called Bill, has been happily married to his wife, Brenda Sparks, for 19 years and they have a son named Wil, who is starting his first year at the University of Memphis. He and his family enjoyed traveling, hiking, and trying out new restaurants all over the United States. After working as an executive in a chemical industry for 34 years, he retired and evaluated various entrepreneur opportunities. Ultimately, he decided to start a health insurance business, which has now been running for five years and has grown and to becoming the largest in the Southeast Division for U.S. health advisors.

Freddy D (00:03:18) – It’s a very fulfilling business as we help others attain quality and affordable health benefits. Bill states welcome Bill sparks to the Business super fan podcast show. How are you, Bill?

Bill Sparks (00:03:28) – Oh man, for Saturday morning I’m pumped up. Good to see you again, my friend. It’s been a long time.

Freddy D (00:03:33) – Yeah. It’s been. We’ve known each other several decades at least.

Bill Sparks (00:03:36) – Yeah, like you said, it’s been a minute, that’s for sure. It’s been a.

Freddy D (00:03:39) – Minute. Yes. So tell us, how did you get started?

Freddy D (00:03:44) –  You remember back in the day you were selling chemicals, sales and stuff like that. So tell us a little bit about your background, how you got started into chemical sales and your story a little bit.

Bill Sparks (00:03:55) – Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So when I came out of graduate school, I was at Georgia Tech with a major in polymer chemistry at the time. Then it’s not my masters. And on my way to get my PhD, and I had a real good advisor, my counselor, through that program.

Bill Sparks (00:04:11) – It said, you know what, you’ve got a lot of natural sales ability, and I think you would be better served going into the business aspect of this, of this competency versus went into academia. It was good advice. And so I from that point, the keep going. The shoe was booming back in the early 80s. That’s when I was in grad school. So I took some interviews and, you know, at that time was called Union Oil, or Unocal was looking for bringing in some chemical engineers and polymer engineers through a new sales training program that they had started. And they offered me the opportunity. So wrapped up my master’s program, graduated and took that opportunity. And that’s really how I got into sales. I’d opened the door for me. Training was excellent. That that platform that that saved for my future. Not only was the technical training, but also the Dell skills and competencies. And as a result of that, I met 4 or 5 mentors in that company that helped me all the way through the 34 years that I was in the chemical industry.

Bill Sparks (00:05:20) – And they gave me good advice. They would refer me, they pull me up and open a lot of doors. So there’s a lot to be said about that. Is networking and connecting with the right people and being loyal to them, and they can really help. So with that, that long to my sales career, I’m a goal setter. And at that point I came out and I said ago that I wanted to be the president and c CEO of a chemical company, and not because of the position, but what I would become. Walking down that path. On that journey, what I would learn and I knew if I ever made it, you made it there. Then I had accomplished a lot, learned a lot. I had, and certainly would have had the support of many people to get there.

Freddy D (00:06:06) – How did you get that support? Because that’s really key is okay, you might have the skill set, but if you don’t have people backing you and believing in you, it doesn’t work.

Bill Sparks (00:06:16) – You’re being young like that. I was very enthusiastic. I was eager to learn. I worked hard and they saw that. They saw the effort. I supported them in their efforts. I gave them 110%. So I built their loyalty. We worked together. We accomplished a lot together. That helped a lot. Being successful, helping them, being successful. Really, that’s how about the their loyalty, their trust in me. And as you are now, if you reach down and help and pull someone up, you look for those people that, that are hungry, that, that want, that help, that are really working hard, that would use your your expertise and wisdom and, and they’re committed to it. Somebody that you can trust. And that’s naturally that’s why I developed not knowing what I was doing, but was just being loyal to to them being trustworthy, working hard. And that’s really solidified those relationships.

Freddy D (00:07:12) – So you built super fan relationships with those people because they believed in you, and they knew that you had their loyalty and their trust.

Freddy D (00:07:22) – And so they were super fans of you. And because of the relationships that you built, they knew that, okay, Bill can get it done. And you were recommended for promotions and everything else because your mentors were superfans of Bill sparks, correct?

Bill Sparks (00:07:39) – Yeah. And you’re right. I mean, they knew they could count on me. I would get it done, and there was no waste of time. I went at it, completed. It always exceeded what was expected. And one, one and more responsibility. And as I earned that trust and that success, they gave me more and it pulled me up. I advanced pretty rapidly through the organization. It’s a corporate world. It can be tough politically, so it does help to have those superfans, mentors that’ll watch your back, that’ll help you. I give you good advice.

Freddy D (00:08:12) – That’s the difference right there. That’s completely the difference is having people believe in you and see your potential and they talk you up as a superfan. They talk you up to the higher ups.

Freddy D (00:08:24) – And that’s the secret that a lot of people don’t realize. It’s about building relationships. And those relationships open up opportunities for other relationships that can change people’s lives.

Bill Sparks (00:08:36) – Right? I wish I’d have been more aware of that. I’m more conscious of it. What was really happening? I would have done more of it, more networking. I did, and now I tried to teach that to my son. And as he builds his career in my agents network, build those connections and those superfans are going to help you. And it started early. And that working is key to anything in life your family, your family relationships, your business relationships, your church relationships. It’s absolutely key.

Freddy D (00:09:07) – Oh, absolutely. It’s all about relationships. And the transactional mindset is good for a moment, but it’s not a long term aspect. It’s really long term is building those relationships and getting those people to become brand advocates. I in turn, call them business superfans, but basically they’re advocates of not only the business but the individuals that are involved in that business.

Freddy D (00:09:35) – So tell us, how did you.

Freddy D (00:09:37) – Transition out of the the chemical industry and get yourself going into working with US health advisors and providing health care insurances for small businesses?

Bill Sparks (00:09:50) – Well, good question. So I reside in Memphis. I moved here several rows, and one of those led to my ultimate goal. And that was to be became president and CEO of a company in town and had a contract with them. Did uh, we did some good there, changed a business from being non-profitable to profitable and set it on the right path to growth. So I finished out my contract and was on to the next opportunity. We liked the area. It was going to take me out of this area here. I’ve been traveling a lot and you come to the crossroads and I always wanted my own business, so I knew I’d had to make a decision that if I was going to do go out on my own, that at that it was time to do it, and I had the resources that would give me time to to do that, to find something and make the right decision.

Bill Sparks (00:10:38) – So that’s what I did. I evaluated all types of opportunities. I went through about 30, and then I really stumbled across U.S. health by mistake because I was looking for health insurance. I was on the Cobra plan, which was very expensive, right? I was looking at the Obamacare plans, which were very expensive, and I knew they had to be a better way. And like my clients and like I was at that point at that time, I knew nothing about health insurance or private health insurance. So I met the division leader at a networking event. And, uh, primarily we were just talking to him about his business and to share with him my challenges. So he invited me to come over to talk about two things. One is he wanted me to consult for him to help build his business. Number two, he wanted me to show what they offered to my personal use. I loved it, I couldn’t believe the plans they had, the value that they they offered. We talked a lot about the corporate structure.

Bill Sparks (00:11:36) – Their strategy really bought into it. I got to meet some of their senior leaders, so I consulted for them for about three months and really saw the potential in this business and decided this is something I wanted to do. And the reason was there’s people out there to just and especially small business owners that just don’t know where to go. I saw an opportunity. I can speak their language, being an executive coming from that background, and help them and guide them in the right way and just point to them, lay out their options and allow them to and coach them to make the right decisions. So I saw that as something that would be rewarding to me, and that’s how I got involved with it, basically took that leap of faith, walked away from chemical industry that had been there for 34 years, took on a wholly different right side, different side of my brain, something new to me. But but everything I learned in my sales experience and my, uh, management experience in the chemical industry brand started very nicely into this.

Bill Sparks (00:12:37) – So I, you know, took that opportunity, grew to be the largest producing agent in the region. I was rewarded for that given a lot of promotion opportunities. Last year. I was what we call a full sales leader and had 40 agents working under my tutelage. So that’s really how I got into it, having a look back. I’ve really enjoyed it and very excited about the future. I was telling my wife, she asked me when I’m going to slow down. I said why I joined what I do.

Freddy D (00:13:04) – That’s a secret right there is enjoy what you do. So let’s go back and say, okay, so you’ve got about 40 agents. How did you build those agents, and then how did you turn those agents into superfans of you? Because they have to believe in you and help grow your business.

Bill Sparks (00:13:22) – In this kind of business. It’s you gotta walk the walk. And when when I step back. So the fact that I had been very successful as an agent, they were aware of.

Bill Sparks (00:13:34) – So I also was able to develop a very good model that was transferable. So it’s a plug in system. I provide them a lot of on hands training and just fill them the way. Basically if if they’re, they buy into it and put the effort into it and learn the system that we’ve rolled out, then they have a really good chance of being successful. So that that really helps a lot is that trust in me and that trust in the system, trust in me based on my my, my personal success, trust in seeing other agents come in and plugging in the system and they are being successful. That carries a lot of weight and we’re there to help them. But we’re 24 over seven and after about four weeks, if they’re really committed to it, they’ll start to see excess. They’ll they’ll start to build momentum and start believing in it. What do you do? So what do.

Freddy D (00:14:30) – You do and how do you recognize them? Do you have any kind of recognition system and. Place.

Bill Sparks (00:14:35) – Well we do. We set little milestones for them the first four weeks that they have the opportunity here. So many had so many revenue dollars. We have three different milestones and it tells us how they’re coming along. There’s a low tier, middle tier and high tier and that really shows us who has the commitment, who can do this. And and it shows them and they can do it. So there’s monetary rewards for their recognition as a result of that. We’re really big in recognizing our agents on a weekly basis. We have a sales meeting very consistent every Friday, where we take time to recognize the success of the agents. And they and there’s that, the monetary rewards that come with it as well. So that’s encouraging. And these folks that are successful in this business, they’re very hungry. And then most of them are very well oriented. So having those milestones and having that monetary reward for them, uh, really helps them.

Freddy D (00:15:35) – Yeah. Because if you remember my book, people will crawl through broken glass for appreciation and recognition.

Freddy D (00:15:42) – So recognition is very important. The monetary is nice, but that personal recognition, and especially if you’re doing it in front of others because it’s one thing to say, hey Bill, thanks a lot. Really appreciate for all your great efforts. And it’s another thing to say, hey everybody, I want to take a moment to recognize Bill for his efforts in growing his area and everything else in front of an audience. That’s a completely different level of recognition.

Bill Sparks (00:16:10) – Yeah. And and some people come into this kind of business that are changing their life financially. I mean, some folks just this is their last, last opportunity. They’re broke and they have nothing to lose. And then you see those those individuals transform their whole life through this opportunity, making an income that they never thought was ever possible, taking care of their families. It’s tremendous.

Freddy D (00:16:37) – And it’s going to be rewarding for you. I mean, that’s going to make you feel proud and good and giving you the energy to say, wow, look, I’ve brought a team together and have transformed people’s lives.

Freddy D (00:16:49) – I mean, that’s huge.

Bill Sparks (00:16:51) – And those are my superfans. That’s the ones that have.

Freddy D (00:16:55) – Transformed their life. They’re they look at you as as you’re right there. They’re your superfans.

Bill Sparks (00:17:01) – Yeah. And so from that point, once you get developed a couple layers of that success, then the recruiting and then the success and the energy and the office is you have a lot of momentum, right. And it’s just perpetual. So that’s really how we we get it started. You start one step at a time and you build that momentum to success builds on success and you get superfans and they believe in the system and then it.

Freddy D (00:17:29) – Automatically tracks others. I remember watching years ago, a YouTube video has nothing to do with business, but it has everything to do with business. It was like a rock concert, and there’s a guy dancing on a hill by himself and someone’s videotaping it looking like, look at this idiot. He’s dancing by himself, all by himself, dancing and partying and having a good time.

Freddy D (00:17:49) – Next thing, there’s a second guy that comes in there, and the two of them are starting to dance. And he’s got someone that believes in them and hanging out with them. Next thing you know, you got four people that come down and the next thing you know is all of a sudden you get 20 people that run down, and then the people that are filming, they get up and they run into it. And now there’s a huge crowd partying. And it was all because one guy believed it himself and did it. So you’re doing the same thing as you started out by yourself. You attract another people into the business. You’ve created an energized environment with a bunch of superfans, and they’re attracting other people, which is what my whole creating business superfans is all about, is you build that energy and those that team, you can’t buy that kind of marketing because they’re out there propelling it and their friends and their family members and everybody else. They’re telling everybody, yeah, right. That’s the cool part.

Freddy D (00:18:50) – Yeah.

Bill Sparks (00:18:50) – And you can’t buy that. It’s just you gotta believe in what you’re doing. And that radiates. And people we can tell if you believe in it or not as a leader. And and they see that belief and confidence you have and then they latch on to it. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah.

Freddy D (00:19:06) – So let’s talk about customers. What do you guys do to really energize your customers to become superfans? So they’re in turn telling other potential customers or their friends or their business partners to attract create that momentum from a customer base.

Bill Sparks (00:19:24) – This line of work in this business trust is very key. You’re dealing with people’s lives, their health. So you’ve got to establish that and earn that trust. And you do. That in a number of different ways. And that’s really where it starts. Is that the agent level? So we’re through the competency that we offer laying out options, being very consistent. The plans do deliver what we say. And as an agent or an advisor to your customer, we don’t go away.

Bill Sparks (00:19:51) – You know, we’re with them from what I call, you know, cradle to grave. So the entire life of that customer relationship. So we established we really work on building trust, being trustworthy, delivering value through the planned performance. Being very competitive. That’s you know, that starts at the grassroots level. And then from that they share they refer their network to us. And that’s really how we build our business is one customer at a time. And then we encourage them to share. And we do offer them incentives. If they do want some business in our way, we’re able to help them not. That’s a driver. That’s a little something that they can look forward to. But it’s it’s just in this business is earning trust and being trustworthy and delivering on your promises and solving problems. There’s not the perfect situation than anything. There was never the perfect product in the chemical industry. There’s not a perfect health insurance plan, but we can solve problems and we we can put them in the best situation as possible.

Freddy D (00:20:54) – Do you have a story that you can share of how you had handled the problem and got it solved for a customer?

Bill Sparks (00:21:01) – Well, a lot of those through just misinterpretation on not knowing how the plan works. Coaching them, how to get full utilization and maximize their benefits. That’s really how we do it. For instance, I did have a customer that that had leukemia and we’re looking at $800,000 in medical bills. Well, he had a plan that we offer that allows you to customize the options. And you can start at a low level, and that allows you to meet a certain budget. But it had an upgrade to it. In the situation, if you were diagnosed with with cancer, that would pay 100% of it after you were able to satisfy a threshold or a deductible. You know, he wasn’t aware of it. He just thought about it all me all stressed out and say, we’ll worry work. We put you in good shape. I said, let’s go back and revisit where you are.

Bill Sparks (00:21:59) – This is your plan. It’s upgradable, it’s affordable, and you’re looking at it as a 3000 out-of-pocket costs. And then it’s going to take care of the rest. And I mean, with this like so much relief, I’m changing. Right. And and that’s really where we come in. And just like anything, in fact, me with computer, I don’t know exactly how to use all the technology that my computer has to offer me. That’s where we step in and that’s where we save the day. And we’re consultants, and we keep that line of communication open so customers aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and call us, and we can help them and navigate. And the other is just self-employed. People just don’t realize that there’s an opportunity here with us for them to be a part of a large association of small business owners as a self-employed to 99, and achieve tremendous savings in their premiums. So it’s our job to define them and through our marketing efforts and make them aware of the choices they have.

Bill Sparks (00:23:01) – And that’s always rewarding to when you can help somebody in that situation who’s working week to week and just barely scraping by. And then they’re one of their top three expenses and we can get that 35, 40% adds tremendous value to them.

Freddy D (00:23:15) – Yeah. Do you have a story that you can share, Bill, about one of your agents and how we talked about transforming their lives? Do you have a story of somebody who don’t have don’t use any names, but of how someone was in that bad situation and their life is completely different today? Yeah.

Bill Sparks (00:23:34) – I did have an agent who was one of my reports came in pretty much homeless. I don’t know, I didn’t really understand exactly how he got himself in that situation. He was in the military. He was a teacher, had a great background. His, uh, relationship with his wife didn’t go right, lost his wife, lost his child. He was living in his car, basically. And, um, it didn’t really know that until a little bit later, until we brought him on.

Bill Sparks (00:24:03) – But this was it for him. He was living day to day and plugged him into the system. We developed a relationship with him, host him up, and then I learned more about his personal situation. I really took put in some extra effort to to help out. We do have some programs where financially I can help him get on his feet in a stable situation, moved him out of a car. We funded an apartment for him, so he was living in an apartment close to the office he was working. 14 15 hours a day. It’s trying to learn the system, learn how to be successful. And we helped him financially for three months until he got on his feet. And he did. And he grew to be very successful. It became one of my sales managers. And today he’s thriving, totally changed his life. He’s got a nice house now. He has a relationship back with his son. So it’s tremendous.

Freddy D (00:25:00) – That’s wow, that’s big. And so he’s definitely a super fan of you.

Bill Sparks (00:25:05) – Oh yeah. Yeah.

Freddy D (00:25:06) – That’s the rewarding part is being able to transform somebody’s life like he just did and shared that. And I’m glad that you share that because that’s inspirational for other people. We’re on this planet for a short time, and there’s nothing better than to be able to say, I transform some people’s lives. There’s no money on that. Right?

Bill Sparks (00:25:26) – And that’s my goal to be financially independent so I can do more of that. There’s a lot of people that sit down a lot and for whatever reason and, you know, just a helping hand, a little lift up makes a big difference.

Freddy D (00:25:40) – But believing in them, that’s really it is believing them and give them the opportunity. Sometimes it’s just that they need that opportunity that’s not given to them. And giving that opportunity can, like you said, like you did, change that person’s life. Yeah. I don’t know.

Bill Sparks (00:25:55) – Where you you know, you probably wouldn’t be on this earth if I hadn’t been for this opportunity. So you’re right.

Bill Sparks (00:26:00) – I mean, he is a super fan of mine, but I was glad to do it. Sure. And I would do it for someone else, too. You know, that situation? Luckily, it just it worked out good for both of us.

Freddy D (00:26:11) – So you’ve been very successful in your career. What advice can you give an entrepreneur or a small business owner of the importance of building those relationships and creating those superfans that in turn propels their growth, as you’ve done, for example, with this insurance agency that you’ve got right now? I mean, you’ve got a team of superfans that are propelling the growth of the agency, right? Well, it.

Bill Sparks (00:26:38) – Just you want to build as a leader, you want to be consistent and be trustworthy. One thing that we focus on in this kind of business is there’s really three components. One is your mind developing a very strong mindset. We work on that constantly and very positive, proactive. And we spend time every day working on that. We setting goals and developing a positive attitude.

Bill Sparks (00:27:05) – And then work ethic plays a large role in this type of industry. This work you got to put in the effort and set the goals and then skill set development. We work a lot every day developing our tech knowledge and competitive industry knowledge and trends and being good advisors to our customers. I give a lot of presentations to various organizations. This networking group, BNI realtor groups, Toastmasters, just share with them different trends and not really get specific about our product line, but what’s happening in the public industry, what’s happening in the private industry as it pertains to, uh, health insurance, I would say in building a good nucleus is what we talked about previously, is you start with one agent at a time, help them be successful, and, um, teach them how to transfer that success to the next agent. And then they pass the torch and that’s really it. You’ve got to have a good system, a system that’s works. People that stay with you and you, you’re loyal to them, you’re committed to them and vice versa.

Freddy D (00:28:12) – Oh, it’s important. It’s very important because it’s team building. You built the team which have now become superfans, and they’re out there promoting and they’re attracting more superfan team members. And it just perpetually grows because of the momentum that you’ve created, all because of the fact that you take time to put things in place to ensure their success. So that’s really important because there’s a lot of times, well, they’re an independent agent now, my problem that’s up to them to do it. And if they don’t make it too bad where you guys have got something in place, you’ve put something in place to ensure that if they follow this protocol, success is there. They have to put in the effort to achieve that success.

Bill Sparks (00:29:01) – Yeah, absolutely. And and that makes recruiting, I wouldn’t say easier, but we don’t really have to recruit anymore. The word gets out. And we were waiting for an opportunity for an interview so that that comes with it as well. And then the.

Freddy D (00:29:15) – Superfan effect, that’s exactly the fan effect.

Freddy D (00:29:18) – That’s what it is. It’s it’s a fan of fact that you’ve created energy. I’ll call it energy that’s out there that wow, this is the people I want to be part of. And now they’re in line to come in. You’re no longer like you said, you’re no longer recruiting. People are lining up and raising their hands, says, hey, I want to be part of this. And it just goes back to what I was saying about the guy dancing on the hill by himself. No sudden you’re the party and everybody wants to be part of go to the party. It’s like when you go to a restaurant, you can have two restaurants and they both serve excellent food. But one place is busy and there’s a line and the other place is empty, and the food is exactly the same in quality. But guess what? Which one would you go to?

Bill Sparks (00:30:05) – Everybody’s going. That’s right. What are they doing? Yeah.

Freddy D (00:30:09) – Exactly. And so it’s the same thing that’s you’ve got you’ve created that same momentum, which is really cool because now you’re in a whole different mindset and your people feel that different mindset.

Freddy D (00:30:22) – And now you’ve got a confidence. You’re like, when we were back in the Chicago days, you’re like the Chicago Bears. You had an attitude. There’s the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan had attitude. And once they had attitude, they were unbeatable.

Bill Sparks (00:30:36) – That’s it. Yeah, that that plays a large role in it. And there’s nothing better. I’ll we’ll take the team out and celebrate and we’ll go to a really nice steak house in town and, and see our guys come in and they’re dressed nice and they’re driving nice cars. And what do they do, you guys. What do you do everybody. What do you do. What do you do. What do you guys do. And that’s fun. Yeah. That’s fun I mean it’s just that like you said, it’s like the bears back in our day. That attitude, that swagger that they have, that’s it.

Freddy D (00:31:06) – The swagger. There you go. That’s it, that’s it. But that’s that attracts more. It just affects more. But you got to that’s that super fan mindset that you’re now you’re confident you’re good and you got the swagger and people want to know what’s going on.

Freddy D (00:31:19) – What’s with that group. Look at these guys. And and and the magic happens. Exactly. That’s where you want to get to.

Bill Sparks (00:31:26) – It takes a lot of effort. I don’t believe in like I believe in. Opportunity prepares you. And when right opportunity comes along, you’re ready. But I guess everybody you know could use a little luck too, but been successful and keeping committed to your system and not been afraid to make changes when necessary to adapt.

Freddy D (00:31:43) – And and that’s a big statement right there because a lot of people will if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Well sometimes you need it may not be broken, but you know, a couple tweaks so much better. And you need the people need to take that moment to revisit their systems and say, you know what? That worked five years ago, but we need to make an adjustment today and do that adjustment right.

Bill Sparks (00:32:06) – It’s like sailing the wind. You got the good wind and going along and all of a sudden changes. So you gotta make a few adjustments, then pick it back up and let’s go.

Bill Sparks (00:32:15) – Yeah I changed the course. So yeah you’ve got to do that. Gotta keep it growing. Never can keep growing or goes to grow 1% every day. And in our personal lives or our business lives, physical lives or spiritual lives, that’s our motto. What’d you do today to grow? What are you doing right there?

Freddy D (00:32:33) – I’m going to I’m going to borrow that statement is I like that grow by 1% a day. That’s very achievable. And that’s something to really take into thought.

Bill Sparks (00:32:47) – All right. That’s 365%. That’s where we look at that. Things break it all down. It’s visible. It’s achievable. I think that’s where people get lost. They want to go from A to Z and they rush in doing that instead of going from A to B to C. And that eliminates a lot of fear. There’s a lot of anxiety when you’re an entrepreneur. How to break it down one step at a time. Do that 1%. You’ll get there. Trust me, we’ve all been there and you can do it.

Bill Sparks (00:33:14) – We’re examples of that. So same with you. You know you do all your career to like that. You’re always evolving, changing, zig zagging. And you got that important mind. And thing with us is we never reach it. We get close to it. We raise it up a little more.

Freddy D (00:33:29) – Unfortunately, yes we do. Yes we.

Freddy D (00:33:31) – Do. Cool. So, Bill, how.

Freddy D (00:33:33) – Can people find you? It’s real.

Bill Sparks (00:33:34) – Easy. Right now I like to offer is if it’s someone. This is the season. A lot of people are making those decisions by next year about their health insurance. We’re really focused on helping self-employed small business owners. We do help individuals and families too. But give me a call. I’d be happy to do a policy review. No charge. Uh, my phone number 901468893. You can send me an email at sparks W or 12 at gmail.com. Or you can go. To my website. William Dodge Sparks at the US health.com. So those are the places you can.

Bill Sparks (00:34:15) – Don’t feel reluctant to send me a text or an email, and we’ll certainly schedule a time to so I can at least listen to your situation and see if I can help.

Freddy D (00:34:24) – Well, Bill, it’s been a pleasure having you on the Business Super Fan podcast show. I think we shared a lot of great nuggets for everybody, and look forward to having you on the show again in the future.

Bill Sparks (00:34:35) – My pleasure as always. We’ve been good friends for a long time. Um, appreciate the invitation to be part of your success and support it. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to share some nuggets with the fan base here.

Freddy D (00:34:49) – Yeah, appreciate it buddy.

Bill Sparks (00:34:51) – All right man. Thank you sir.

Freddy D (00:34:52) – Yep. Me too. Thank you everyone, for tuning in to episode 18 of the Business Superfan Podcast show. We hope you enjoyed it and gain valuable insights to support us. Please give us your thumbs up, subscribe and share this episode with your friends and colleagues, which helps us expand our audience. You can also donate to support our show.

Freddy D (00:35:12) – We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for being a valued member of the Business Superfans community. Together, let’s foster community of passionate, successful business enthusiasts by showing support through likes, subscriptions and sharing. Thank you.

Freddy D (00:35:28) – We hope you took away some useful knowledge from today’s episode of the Business Superfans podcast. The path to success relies on taking action. So go over to Business superfans.com and get your hands on the book. If you haven’t already. Join the accelerator community and take that first step in generating a team of passionate supporters for your business. Join us on the next episode as we continue guiding you on your journey to achieve flourishing success in business.

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