26: Cultivating Superfans: Tyler Stillman’s Strategy for Financial Revival Through Relationship Building


In this episode of the Business Superfans podcast, Tyler Stillman, an accounting consultant, shares his journey from high school to earning an accounting degree and his transformative work with a language communications company. He emphasizes the importance of treating contractors well and the positive impact this has on productivity and profitability. Tyler discusses turning contractors into superfans by changing their pay structure, which led to increased productivity and the company’s first positive net income in 2023 after several years in negative net income. His strategies positioned the company for a successful sale in 2024. The episode underscores the significance of relationship-building, accurate financial data, and proper invoicing in business success.


Tyler Stillman is a dedicated professional with a background in accounting and consulting. Starting his career in high school under the guidance of an inspiring teacher, he excelled in future business leadership and went on to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from A.S.U. Tyler’s journey led him to a company specializing in communications, where he encountered challenges with contractor relations. Through his initiative and leadership, Tyler transformed the company’s approach to contractor management, prioritizing fair treatment and timely payments. His strategic changes not only improved contractor satisfaction but also contributed to a positive impact on the company’s bottom line. Tyler’s focus on building strong relationships with contractors and customers alike has been key to his success in turning around businesses and positioning them for growth.

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Bullet Points

  • Experience working with specialized contractors.
  • Strategies to turn a company’s negative income into a positive net income.
  • Importance of building relationships with contractors and customers.
  • Significance of accurate financial data and proper invoicing for small businesses.
  • Impact of treating contractors well on company reputation and bottom line.
  • Role of accounting in building strong relationships with contractors and customers.
  • Transformation of contractors into superfans through changes in pay structure.
  • Success in making the company an attractive acquisition within a three-year period.
  • Key advice for businesses: proper invoicing, timely billing, and taking care of contractors and customers.


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Best Quotes

‘Tyler Stillman’, ’00:07:02′, “I know that things were done differently in the past, but I am stopping the bad stuff now. Going forward, I have your back; I’m doing my best for you.”

‘Tyler Stillman’, ’00:09:00′, “Essentially, you’re treating me like a human now.”

‘Tyler Stillman’, ’00:23:50′, “We ended up positioning the company in 2020 with a positive net income for the first time that year, which led to the company being bought in 2024.”

‘Tyler Stillman’, ’00:24:46′, “What can I say? I used to work as a janitor at a grocery store; I’m used to turning messes into attractiveness.”

Episode Transcript

26: Cultivating Superfans: Tyler Stillman’s Strategy for Financial Revival Through Relationship Building

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Freddy D (00:00:00) – Good morning, Tyler Stillman. Welcome to the Business Superfans podcast. How are you today?

Tyler Stillman (00:00:04) – Hey, I’m doing fine. How about.

Freddy D (00:00:06) – You? I’m doing excellent. I’m doing excellent. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How you got started into accounting and moved into accounting consulting?

Tyler Stillman (00:00:14) – Yes. So as I’m an accountant and a accounting consultant, and basically I started all the way back in high school where I had an amazing teacher. His name was Mr. Giddings. Really brought out myself and really helped me start my career. So basically along with that, in high school I was a part of Future Business Leaders of America. Really. And. And I ended up going to the national competition for FBLa.

Freddy D (00:00:49) – Wow. That’s amazing.

Tyler Stillman (00:00:52) – Needless to say, I had huge aspirations after that. So I went and got my Bachelor’s of Science in accounting from ASU. And pretty much almost immediately after I got my degree, I got hired by a company that uses specialized contractors in language communications.

Freddy D (00:01:15) – Really? So tell us about that.

Tyler Stillman (00:01:17) – It was very rough, to say the least. When I got in there, there was a lot of weird stuff with the books. Just it was off. Okay. And I noticed that these contractors weren’t the happiest with the company.

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