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Business Superfans

catapult your success

Business Superfans Playbook

How to create your team of superfans, grow your fan base, boost referrals, raise retention, and 10X your success, with this easy-to-implement playbook.

My upcoming book is in the works of getting published.

10 Chapters

140 Pages

Paperback or Ebook

What REAL Business Owners Have To Say

George Grunberger, MD Chairman, Grunberger Diabetes Institute

Business Superfans is an “easy” read with practical, valuable, down-to-earth recommendations from an experienced salesman and entrepreneur. What might not be so easy for a new or struggling small businessperson is the actual implementation of the components of his “strategies.” That is why we don’t have enough thriving businesses with their own “Superfans.” If you are thinking about starting from scratch or reinvigorating your existing business, see if you can put in place those valuable bits of advice and see results.

Lisa Boinais Coach, Live Your Outrageous Life Now

Business Superfans is easy to read and very easy to follow. It’s laid out very logically. I will use it as a reference guide as to what steps to take to implement the action items put forth in the book. I am already envisioning implementing several tools and techniques in my business starting today.

Steve Feld, MBA Certified Business Coach

After reading the book, I realized that I stopped doing many of the strategies mentioned in the book and those strategies did lead to a stream of new clients. I did implement those strategies back into my business immediately to grow my “Superfans.” Highly recommend that a business owner not only read the book but pick some strategies out and implement them in their business TODAY! Start developing your own “Business Superfans.”

Steven Teitelbaum Director of Business Development, Great Lakes Pot Pies

I liked how you explained how to implement your recommendations step-by-step with detailed examples. Some books I've read propose interesting ideas, but they can be challenging to actually put into practice. Your book gave very straightforward yet effective solutions that can be quickly utilized. In fact, we're now planning to launch both a loyalty program and referral program at our store soon as a result of me bringing up some of your ideas in a recent meeting. I think a lot of people can really benefit by reading it since the things you discuss apply to everyone.

William R. Sparks Owner, USHealth Advisors Franchisee

Excellent information. I found it a helpful and valuable reminder of the importance of back-end customer development. In our business, we are very focused on growing our business and we could do a much better job taking care of our customers on the back end. As you pointed out, these established customers are a valuable source of referrals. The helpful reminder of the value of the follow-up and the tactful strategies on how to follow up was useful. I plan to use this source in some upcoming training.

Michael D. Goodman President, Revenue Kinetics, LLC

In the realm of books that make a difference, Business Superfans will go down as one of the greats. In all my work with Men and Women in sales, the greatest source of success is in knowing that what you are doing is the "right thing." Business Superfans is filled with actionable, take charge, leading indicators of what it takes to succeed in sales. Once you have sold to the low-hanging fruit, the real feast is in the follow-up. Though I constantly read multiple books on sales annually, I have never read a better book, by a guy who clearly knows what he is doing on follow-up, follow-through, and a framework for success. If you have never felt a twinge of nervousness about your success in sales, knowing what you are doing and why will make all the difference. Get the book.


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