From MD to Entrepreneur with Dr. Pranay Parikh | Creating Business Superfans

Honestly, all businesses need superfans. These are not only the people who will buy your products but also the right people you want to work with as a business owner. Superfans are a business’ loyal client base, which, in most cases, becomes your brand ambassadors. Imagine treating your clients so well that they tell their friends to come for the same experience. You will never spend on advertising any other time. It’s the squad that sends you referrals and sells the brand on your behalf. Learn how to get more of those superfans and keep them with our today’s guest, Frederick Dudek.

Frederick is the author of a best-selling book, podcaster, speaker, and sales & marketing executive with over 30+ years of experience achieving breakthrough sales performance results in domestic & global business markets. He has led corporate sales and marketing efforts in the SaaS industry. Frederick’s combined knowledge in Marketing, Sales Processes, Channel/Partner Relationships, SaaS Sales, Cloud Computing, Complex Consultive Selling/Negotiation, C-level Networking & Relationship Building has rapidly helped organizations accelerate their growth

curve. In this podcast episode, we talk about how to create superfans. You will enjoy how to make sales and how to have fun, something that you’ve always dreaded.

Key Highlights from the Show

[00:00] Episode intro and a quick bio of the guest, Frederick Dudek

[01:35] How Frederick’s idea of superfans came about

[02:39] Know more about Frederick and his passion for writing the superfans book

[04:36] Frederick’s foundation of sales

[06:25] The three types of salespeople

[08:03] Why numbers should be the last thing to talk about in sales

[12:45] How to get clients to know what they need

[15:57] Your good business experience will speak for itself

[19:24] What Frederick has learned in creating superfans

[26:41] Common mistakes people make when building superfans

[30:02] Frederick’s advice to medical doctors starting their sales side gig

[32:18] Pain points he has experienced in sales

[33:51] The one thing Frederick wishes to have put more resources into when starting his entrepreneurship journey

[36:12] How Frederick stays up to date and the sales training he recommends

Notable Quotes

● In sales, if you get down to numbers and specifications with your clients, you’ve probably lost the sale already. [08:03]

● A lot of times, clients don’t even know what they want. You must know how to help them decide as a salesperson. [12:42]

● Your business superfans are literally selling on your behalf. [15:08]

● Regardless of color and religion, human beings will crawl through broken glass for

appreciation and recognition for a good experience you gave them. [15:57]

● “Imagine” is a powerful sales word because it gets down to a customer’s mindset.

Salespeople should use it frequently because it changes the dynamics of the

conversation. [32:29]

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