Business Superfans Scorecard

Business Superfans Scorecard

What’s Your Business Superfans Score? Take Action Now!

In each chapter, we’ve encouraged you to actively engage with the material by evaluating your and your business’s achievements in the realms we’ve discussed. The cornerstone of business success? Cultivating a robust base of superfans. But, how can you gauge the effectiveness of your efforts in this vital area? Enter the Business Superfans Score.

Your Business Superfans Score is the ultimate tool to measure your prowess in building and sustaining a loyal superfan community. This metric encompasses various facets discussed throughout the book, providing a comprehensive overview of your performance.

We’ve designed a specialized scorecard featuring eleven key areas for you to concentrate on. Each section comes with a critical question that, once answered, awards you up to ten points. Upon completion, you’ll use the scorecard wheel to map out your scores. Connecting these points will visually reveal your proximity to achieving a perfect wheel. A less than perfect shape pinpoints specific areas needing your attention and improvement. There is an action form to help improve your score.

To make this actionable step towards enhancement, request your Business Superfans Scorecard now. This is not just a measure; it’s a blueprint for growth. And if you find areas where you need guidance, we’re here for you. Elevate your score and your business’s potential by joining the Business Superfans Accelerator Community today. Together, we can transform your audience into a thriving community of superfans. Act now to request your scorecard and start your transformation!

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