Hello, I’m Frederick Dudek and I bring 30+ years of experience in growing businesses both domestically and internationally. I aim to help you drive business growth and maximize success without increasing your workload or breaking the bank through my mentoring.


Here are at least FOUR ways I can assist in growing your business
without overwhelming you with more work and Maximizing Success.

Business Superfans


Your Retention

Brand Awareness

Sales & Profits

See what my SUPERFANS say about working with me!

Embark on a transformative business journey with the Business Superfans Podcast! Take a bold step towards success and unlock the hidden potential of your business. Let this podcast be your guiding light towards unprecedented achievements!

Join Frederick Dudek, affectionately known as Freddy D, in captivating conversations with successful business owners and industry experts as they divulge the secrets to building an unbeatable community of superfans. In each episode, we explore the profound significance of superfans and unveil strategies to not only attract them but also cultivate lasting relationships.

Prepare to unlock a treasure trove of invaluable insights and practical advice. Our episodes are filled with tips and techniques meticulously crafted to help you transform your customers, employees, and business partners into devoted superfans. Discover the power of turning your stakeholders into passionate advocates who will champion your brand with unparalleled zeal.


In our podcast, we’re not only going to offer guidance on expressing genuine gratitude to your superfans, but also demonstrate how their unwavering support is not just cherished but also reciprocated. Indeed, it’s crucial to remember that nurturing these connections is the secret weapon to long-term success in a highly competitive business environment.

Regardless if you’re a tried and tested business owner aiming to strengthen your reign, an industry expert on the lookout for new insights, or perhaps you’re just thrilled to delve into the fascinating realm of superfans, our podcast is indeed your perfect guide. Therefore, we invite you to tune in, get inspired, and join in the discourse that’s carving out the future of business.

Make it a point to subscribe to the “Business Superfans Podcast” this very day and embark on a thrilling venture towards creating a formidable force of loyal supporters. So, let’s come together and push the limits of what business success can truly mean!




The most effective way to learn is from those who have experienced it. The Business Superfans Accelerator Community (BSAC) is the perfect platform for solopreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners to connect, brainstorm, learn, and support each other. Join our interactive community to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and foster valuable connections.

Business Owners & Experts

Join fellow business owners and industry experts to network and boost your business!


Explore courses that uncover the impact of Superfans on marketing, sales, and profits.

Chat with Others

Chat, network and build relationships and brainstorm with fellow members.


Present your products or services to other members.

Group Mastermind

Monthly video mastermind, thread with Frederick in a private members-only area.


Fast action guides, tips and approaches to create business superfans, increase retention, expand brand awareness, grow sales & profits.

Group Coaching

Bi-weekly video group coaching, thread with Frederick in a private members-only area.

This is One Entrepreneurial Playbook You’ll Profit From. As the host of a weekly small business podcast since 2012, I have had the opportunity to review hundreds of books purporting to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. "Creating Business Superfans" is the real deal. It stands out from the crowd and delivers on its promise to show readers how to transform customers into evangelists for their companies or products. Dudek’s book is both insightful and quite easy to digest. Consider me a Superfan.

Dean Rotbart

Monday Morning Radio

What You Will Uncover in
“Creating Business Superfans”


  • Transforming Employees into Superfans
  • The Influence of Employees in Creating Superfans Among Customers
  • Turning Business Alliance Partners (Complementary Businesses) into Superfans
  • Enhancing Employee and Customer Retention Strategies
  • Leveraging Superfans to Enhance Brand Visibility
  • The Power of Superfans as Referral Engines
  • The Collective Impact on Sales and Profits
  • Plus Additional Insights!

Imagine having a squad of superfans passionately promoting your business and generating tangible benefits in attracting solid referrals and positive reviews of your products/services…

Imagine having very passionate advocates who will collectively promote you to everyone they know, resulting in rock-star sales success…

… and they’ll all be happily doing it for FREE!

Of course, it’s never that easy, isn’t it?

Multi-million-dollar international sales and marketing executive Frederick Dudek knows this all too well.

In his 30+ years in the business, he’s seen it all and done it all – leveraging lessons from his failures and riding the waves of his successes.

Ray Smith
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I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow their business. Lots of very practical advice in this compact book that can be implemented quickly and have immediate results for your business.
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love that this book is so darn practical. Not only does it share ideas on how to grow your business, but it also shares HOW to implement them. This book is a gem and has made me implement some great strategies in my business. Love the practicality and fun in this book! Makes me proud and excited to be a business owner!
Walter Amon
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the Author knowing what he is talking about and to read the book is VERY helpful !!!


Frederick Dudek, Author, Creating Business Superfans, Podcaster, Speaker

Author ○ Podcaster ○ Speaker

I’m known as Freddy D, but my full name is L. Frederick Dudek. I’m an award-winning author, podcaster, and speaker, as well as a top-tier business executive with a consistent record of business victories. With my extensive expertise accumulated over decades, I have been able to guide businesses toward increased profitability and the realization of their loftiest aspirations.

Initially, my professional journey was rooted in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Early in my career, I distinguished myself by winning several awards in drafting and design competitions. The success of these competitions acted as stepping stones, leading to my role as a draftsman on diverse automotive projects. One of the most memorable highlights of this period was in 1979 when I was entrusted with the design of the spot weld guns for the 1982 Ford Escort, a project that significantly bolstered my professional reputation.

Later, in the 1980s, I transitioned to the computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) industry. For over three decades since this shift, I have worked in sales and marketing, becoming a reliable resource for a variety technology companies aiming to scale both domestically and internationally. During this time, I have had the opportunity to travel to over thirty countries, immersing myself in their unique business practices and acquiring invaluable insights.

My Book and More...

My years of experience in business success have been shared in my popular book, Creating Business Superfans. This comprehensive playbook teaches you how to transform your customers, employees, and business alliance partners into a potent sales force, whom I refer to as Business Superfans. With my guidance, I am confident that your business dreams can quickly become a reality.

My guidance and experience are now accessible through the Business Superfans Accelerator Community. If you’re in search of mentoring and support from a community of driven business owners, I am here to aid in propelling your success. The community is a private online hub I have created for entrepreneurs like you. Here, you’ll find an array of exclusive resources, discussions about current trends, and an opportunity to connect with me directly. I am committed to helping you realize your business dreams! So, why wait? Join today and elevate your success to unparalleled heights!

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Are you prepared to revolutionize your business and make it a hotbed for superfans? Enter Frederick Dudek, a distinguished Keynote Speaker well-regarded for his proficiency in nurturing passionate supporters. Frederick’s groundbreaking strategy simplifies the process of superfandom into five accessible steps: identity, cultivate, convert, amplify, and measure. Not only do these steps equip any business to tap into the remarkable power of superfans, they also pave the way for business advocacy, improved customer loyalty, boosted referrals, and the formation of a self-propelling marketing force.

It’s important to understand that a superfan is far from a run-of-the-mill customer or client. These are people who exhibit steadfast affection for your product or service and enthusiastically share their passion with everyone in their network. Such brand advocates proudly display your logo and consistently speak highly of your brand. They become an integral part of your brand’s identity, and many even join your ranks as employees or business partners. The ability to unlock the potential of superfans can pivot your business toward unprecedented success, and Frederick Dudek stands ready to assist you in every phase of this exciting journey.

Keynote Speaker

Frederick has a track record of helping numerous businesses not only identify but also nurture their superfans, and now, he’s keen to offer the same assistance to you. Armed with an engaging speaking style, unparalleled knowledge, and hands-on strategies, Frederick stands ready to provide you with the essential tools you need to discover and foster superfans within your organization. By capitalizing on his expertise, you’ll acquire invaluable insights into the world of superfandom, thus paving the way for exponential growth and success.

Don’t let the opportunity slip to have Frederick Dudek as the keynote speaker at your next gathering, be it an event, meeting, or conference. His transformative presentations never fail to captivate audiences, leaving them not just inspired but also empowered to spring into action. Take the step to request Frederick as your speaker today and experience first-hand the profound influence superfans can exert on your business.

To lock in Frederick Dudek as your keynote speaker or to get more information, please feel free to reach out to us below. Gear up to tap into the power of superfans and thrust your business into unprecedented levels of success!

Frederick Dudek, Author, Creating Business Superfans, Podcaster, Speaker

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