Hello, I’m L. Frederick Dudek (Freddy D). With a career spanning over 30 years that seamlessly transitions from engineering to executive roles in sales, marketing, and global business development, I bring a unique blend of skills to elevate your business. I’m on a mission to turn you into a business superfans superstar! By tapping into my own journey—complete with highs and lows—I’m here to guide and empower you, helping you soar to new heights without emptying your wallet.

Let’s embark on an exhilarating journey with Creating Business Superfans! Together, we’ll fine-tune strategies and transform employees, customers, and allies into fervent advocates—creating a legion of superfans. Visualize having a supercharged sales team made up of your most passionate supporters and watching your business soar to new heights. Join me, and let’s make your business not just survive, but truly thrive!


Dive into the wild world of the Business Superfans Podcast and jazz up your entrepreneurial journey! Ready to turbocharge your success and unearth your business’s hidden mojo? Let us light up your path to glory with some serious insider wisdom.

Hop on board with Frederick Dudek (Freddy D) as he chats up a storm with the crème de la crème of business mavens and wizard-like industry gurus. They’re spilling the beans on how to gather an army of superfans that would make even rock stars green with envy. Each episode is a goldmine of secrets on wooing superfans and turning them into your brand’s most fervent cheerleaders.

Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of a-ha moments and face-palm-worthy insights. We’re dishing out advice so good, it’ll morph your staff, customers, and allies into a superfan squad. Unleash the power of having die-hard advocates who’ll shout your brand’s name from the rooftops with a fanaticism that’s downright infectious.


Plunge into our podcast where we’re not just talking the talk on thanking your superfans – we’re walking the walk, showing that love is a two-way street. It’s the secret sauce to standing out in the dog-eat-dog world of business.

Whether you’re a business mogul looking to tighten your grip on the throne, a guru hunting for fresh wisdom, or just someone eager to explore the superfan phenomenon, our podcast is your golden ticket. So, why not tune in, get your inspiration fix, and join the conversation shaping the business frontier?

Hit that subscribe button on the “Business Superfans Podcast” today and jumpstart your journey to amassing an squad of die-hard fans. Let’s redefine the meaning of business success together – it’s going to be a wild ride!




The Business Superfans Accelerator teaches you with proven methods how to transform your employees, customers, and business allies into enthusiastic superfans who are head over heels for your brand and mission. This mentoring program and mastermind community will supercharge your fanbase and catapult your business to soaring success and profitability! Ready to turn that fan love up to eleven?

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See what my SUPERFANS say about working with me!


This is One Entrepreneurial Playbook You’ll Profit From. As the host of a weekly small business podcast since 2012, I have had the opportunity to review hundreds of books purporting to help business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. "Creating Business Superfans" is the real deal. It stands out from the crowd and delivers on its promise to show readers how to transform customers into evangelists for their companies or products. Dudek’s book is both insightful and quite easy to digest. Consider me a Superfan.

Dean Rotbart

Monday Morning Radio

What You Will Uncover in
“Creating Business Superfans”

  • Converting Employees into Brand Champions
  • The Role of Employee Advocacy in Cultivating Customer Loyalty
  • Transforming Business Partners into Brand Advocates
  • Strengthening Retention Strategies for Employees and Customers
  • Boosting Brand Exposure Through Superfan Leverage
  • Utilizing the Force of Superfans for Effective Referrals
  • Maximizing Sales and Profit Through Collective Impact
  • With More Insightful Perspectives!

Picture this: a squad of business superfans passionately promoting your business, bringing in solid referrals and rave reviews for your products/services…

Now, imagine those superfans are so enthusiastic, that rock-star-level they sing your praises to everyone they know, leading to rock-star-level sales success...

… and they’re doing it all FOR FREE!

Sounds like a dream, right? Well, pinch yourself because it’s not that simple.

Enter Frederick Dudek (Freddy D), the multi-million-dollar international sales and marketing executive who’s been around the block more times than Google Maps. With over 30 years in the biz, he’s had his fair share of epic fails and soaring victories, turning each lesson into a steppingstone on his path to success. Frederick has navigated the complexities of the market, adapted to ever-changing consumer behaviors, and built strategies that not only propel sales but also create lasting customer loyalty.

His expertise lies in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, by recognizing potential in places others might overlook and turning challenges into opportunities. Frederick is a master at identifying the right mix of innovation and tradition, ensuring that businesses survive and thrive in competitive landscapes. With his guidance, achieving that dream team of business superfans doesn’t seem so far-fetched after all.

Ray Smith
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I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow their business. Lots of very practical advice in this compact book that can be implemented quickly and have immediate results for your business.
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love that this book is so darn practical. Not only does it share ideas on how to grow your business, but it also shares HOW to implement them. This book is a gem and has made me implement some great strategies in my business. Love the practicality and fun in this book! Makes me proud and excited to be a business owner!
Walter Amon
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the Author knowing what he is talking about and to read the book is VERY helpful !!!


Meet Freddy D, a.k.a. Frederick Dudek—your not-so-average award-winning author, podcaster, speaker, and business guru. I’ve racked up more wins in the business world than I can count, guiding companies to make more money and reach their sky-high dreams with my decades of know-how.

My career kicked off in the engineering trenches, where I was the Michael Jordan of drafting and design competitions. These weren’t your average “who can draw the straightest line” contests—I was shaping the future, one automotive project at a time. The crown jewel? Designing spot weld guns for the 1982 Ford Escort back in ’79. Yep, that was me making waves.

But why stop there? In the 1980s, I made the leap to the wild world of CAD and CAM, becoming the go-to guy for manufacting companies looking to expand their empires. Over thirty years and thirty countries later, I’ve collected more business insights and frequent flyer miles than most people have hot dinners.

So, if you’re into tales of engineering feats, globe-trotting adventures, and business victories, stick around. Freddy D’s got stories that’ll make your head spin.

My Book and More...

Dive into the secrets of my business success with my hit book, “Creating Business Superfans.” It’s not just a book; it’s your playbook for turning employees, customers, business allies, and baristas into a supercharged sales squad I lovingly call Business Superfans. With a dash of my wisdom, watch your business dreams do the sprint from fantasy to reality.

Craving more? Step into the Business Superfans Accelerator. It’s like a secret club for entrepreneurs, minus the secret handshake. Here, you’ll get mentoring, support, and maybe even a high-five from a community of business owners with ambition to spare. Picture an online haven I whipped up just for you, bursting with exclusive resources, the latest trend gossip, and direct access to yours truly. I’m all in on helping you chase down your business dreams – think of me as your business fairy godmother, but with less glitter.

So, what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation? Join now and let’s skyrocket your success to dizzying new heights!

Hit the button below for some top-notch MENTORING and start building your squad of business superfans. They're ready to turbocharge your success!.


Teaching How to Create Business Superfans

Ready to turn your business into a super fandom wonderland? Meet Frederick Dudek (Freddy D), the Keynote Speaker with a magic formula for creating passionate superfans, not just yawning customers. Frederick’s five-step master plan — identity, cultivate, convert, amplify, and measure — is like a secret recipe for brewing a potent potion of super fandom. This isn’t just about getting likes; it’s about turning your business into a magnet for loyalty, referrals, and a marketing force that runs on love and enthusiasm.

Superfans aren’t your average Joe with a loyalty card; they’re your brand’s cheerleaders, wearing your logo like a badge of honor and spreading the good word like they’re on a mission. Imagine having fans so devoted, they might as well tattoo your brand on their hearts — or better yet, join your team. With Frederick Dudek’s guidance, your business isn’t just aiming for success; it’s on the fast track to becoming a legend. Buckle up; it’s going to be an exhilarating ride to the top with superfans leading the charge!

Keynote Speaker

Ready to turn your business into a superfan magnet? Meet Frederick ‘Freddy D” Dudek, the superhero in identifying and nurturing superfans. With his captivating talks, deep dives into super fandom, and actionable strategies, he’s your go-to guy for unleashing the power of superfans in your organization. Imagine exponential growth and success, all thanks to superfans who are more loyal than your dog.

Don’t miss out on having Freddy D light up your next event, meeting, or conference. His presentations aren’t just talks; they’re a call to action, leaving audiences not just inspired but ready to conquer the world (or at least the market). Want your audience to leave with more than just free pens? Freddy D’s your man.

Get in touch to book Frederick ‘Freddy D’ Dudek as your keynote speaker and dive headfirst into the superfan phenomenon. It’s time to boost your business to superhero status with the power of superfans!

Frederick Dudek, Author, Creating Business Superfans, Podcaster, Speaker

Reach out to Freddy D and find out how he can help you assemble your own squad of business superfans - capes and cheers included!

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