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Frederick Dudek met with my team of Realtors on several occasions to introduce and implement various online and offline marketing strategies. With so many licensed Realtors out there, it is important to create one's unique brand. Frederick not only helped us brainstorm ways to stand out, but he provided us with useful marketing strategies and tools to advertise our uniqueness to potential clients and clever ways to create our own Business Superfans.

In addition, Frederick introduced tools to my team for maintaining past relationships in a none time-consuming manner. Frederick's presentations were clear and passion for the topic was evident. He also makes sure that ideas are implemented, not just talked about. Frederick took the time to follow up with each of my agents to see if they needed assistance in setting up any of the several tools introduced to them. I highly recommend Frederick for any professional or business owner that is looking to elevate their clients, employees, and partnerships into Business Superfans.

Janis Degregory, Broker

JD & Associates

Frederick Speak JD Associates
Frederick Dudek Speak to Cleaning Crew

Frederick's Speaking Style

Frederick Dudek the author of Business Superfans, and his talks focus on what it takes for solopreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses to elevate their clients, customers, employees, and business alliance partnerships into their own Business Superfans.

Here is a brief biography of Frederick Dudek speaking style.

He’s direct, raw, real, and funny. Frederick’s style reflects his individuality and is described as “intense,” “fun,” “honest,” and “as real as it gets.” Frederick has his audiences learning and laughing at the same time.

Frederick covers topics from the very advanced all the way down to the basic fundamentals of creating Business Superfans, depending on the audience and the need.

He has presented to audiences both domestically and abroad, including regional, national, and international corporate events, local events hosted by leading networking groups, conference calls, webinars, as well as his own live networking events conducted throughout the year.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker that understands how to elevate relationships into your own Business Superfans, that provide endless referrals and increase revenue, Frederick Dudek is the best choice.

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