29: How can Mastering Storytelling become your Ultimate Sales Superpower? Insights with Stephen Steers.


In this engaging episode of the Business Superfans Podcast, host Freddy D chats with Stephen Steers, the entrepreneurial spirit behind Context Selling. Stephen shares his evolution from childhood ice pop salesman to sales strategy guru, emphasizing the transformative power of storytelling in sales. They explore how personalized communication and a deep understanding of client needs can turn prospects into superfans. Despite a technical hiccup during a pivotal Bosch presentation, Stephen’s integrity and adaptability shine through, securing the deal. The duo reflects on sales as a journey of personal growth, resilience, and the joy of creating mutually satisfying partnerships. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and practical tips on becoming a sales superstar!


Stephen Steers is a dynamic entrepreneur and seasoned sales consultant with a story that vividly illustrates resilience, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of one’s passions. His journey began in his youth, selling ice pops to generate small earnings, which sparked an early interest in commerce. This entrepreneurial spirit carried him through college, where he utilized platforms like Craigslist to buy and sell items, supporting himself financially and paying off student loans.

After graduating, Stephen entered the construction industry as a Project Manager, a role that presented him with life-changing moments, both figuratively and literally. One such pivotal incident involved narrowly escaping a potentially fatal accident, catalyzing a profound reflection on life’s purpose. This introspection fuelled his decision to pursue entrepreneurship wholeheartedly.

Transitioning into the sales field, Stephen took the initiative to immerse himself in the startup ecosystem of New York. His relentless networking and self-improvement efforts paid off with an initial position in a startup as a Sales Development Representative (SDR), where his skills quickly earned him a promotion. Despite subsequent professional setbacks, including company closures, Stephen’s tenacity never wavered.

Crucial to Stephen’s growth was the mentorship he received while helping to build a B2B process in a struggling company. This mentorship facilitated his entry into consulting, where he honed his expertise for several years. Ultimately, his accumulated knowledge and an unwavering drive led him to establish his own consultancy, embodying the dream he had nurtured since his youth. Stephen Steers’ journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, continuous learning, and the courage to follow one’s ambitions.

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Bullet Points

  • The power of storytelling in transforming sales conversations and creating superfans
  • Stephen’s consultancy, Context Selling, and its focus on B2B phone calls and storytelling
  • Success stories of how storytelling has transformed companies and improved close rates
  • The importance of understanding the prospect’s goals and challenges in sales
  • Personal experiences and insights related to sales techniques and strategies
  • Memorable sales experiences and the principles of sales, including integrity and value sharing
  • The significance of personal growth, resilience, and adaptability in the sales profession
  • The importance of phone sales and tailoring communication to different personality types
  • Stephen’s contact information and resources related to storytelling and call scripts


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Best Quotes

‘Stephen Steers’, ’00:02:11′, “I remember staring down at this block, and the foreman says to me, ‘Not everybody gets a chance like that. You’re here for something.’ And I thought about that very deeply in that moment.”

‘Stephen Steers’, ’00:13:16′, “Sales is really about opening doors and asking the right questions that create the space for you to help them build a story.”

29: How can Mastering Storytelling become your Ultimate Sales Superpower? Insights with Stephen Steers.

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