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When Frederick Dudek is not turning ideas into millions of dollars in global sales, the award-winning author, speaker, and top sales executive spends his time inspiring others to achieve their highest business goals. Now you can receive the benefit of Frederick’s mentorship and experience through his book, Business $uperfans. Born in rural France, Frederick spent summers on his grandfather’s vineyard in France, where he developed a love for French wine. As a youth, he showed a strong aptitude for engineering and competed in drafting and design competitions. After winning numerous engineering awards, he became a draftsman working on numerous automotive projects. He was selected to design the spot weld guns for the 1982 Ford Escort car. That led to Frederick joining the emerging computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) industry, in which he quickly climbed the ranks. While working for a CAD/CAM company as an application engineer, an opportunity presented itself that enabled Frederick to transition into sales. It was the right decision, and he never looked back. In the thirty-plus years Frederick has been selling, he has earned a reputation as the go-to guy for small companies that want to expand their business domestically or internationally. This role has allowed him to travel to over thirty countries and counting. When abroad, Frederick’s favorite pastime is to go exploring for hours, not to mention enjoying some of the local cuisine and fine wines. Frederick is a former runner and athlete. Today, you can find him hiking various trails with his significant other, Kiley Kaplan. When not writing, selling, speaking, or exploring, he is cooking or building things. The next thing on Frederick’s bucket list is learning to sail and to continue the exploration of countries and their unique cultures.

The importance of ongoing follow-up for the Home Improvement industry. Business Superfans, Frederick Dudek

Ongoing follow-up for the Home Improvement industry

As a home improvement contractor, building relationships with your customers is essential. You want to ensure that they are satisfied and comfortable working with you—and ongoing follow-up can help make this much easier! Following up after an initial project or service can not only reassure the customer of your craftsmanship but also provide opportunities for …

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Creating a Customer Avatar for your Business. Frederick Dudek

Creating a Customer avatar for your business

Creating a customer avatar for your business is a great way to better understand and connect with your target audience. An avatar (also called a buyer persona) is an imaginary customer that represents the goals, behaviors, and demographics of your ideal customers. By creating an avatar, you can more effectively focus your marketing efforts and …

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Birthday Marketing The Secret Advantage!

Birthday Marketing The Secret Advantage!

As birthday marketing becomes more popular, businesses are looking for ways to make their birthday promotions more memorable. One way to do this is to focus on relationship marketing. By making birthday marketing more personal, businesses can create a deeper connection with their customers, employees, and business alliance partners. This not only makes customers feel …

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The Importance of Follow-Up - Why It Matters and How to do it Right

The Importance of Follow-Up – Why It Matters and How to do it Right

Follow-up is the key to staying top of mind with your potential business superfans‘ audience, like your prospective and existing clients/customers, employees, along with business alliance partners, and driving long-term engagement with them. Follow up with your audience at regular intervals to show that you’re paying attention to them and that you care about their …

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