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Jun 14, 2022 Creating Business Superfans: The Time-Tested Playbook That Converts Your Customers, Employees, and Business Partners into Superfans for Bigger Sales, Broader Awareness, and Long-Term Success.

The step-by-step plays inside to cultivate meaningful relationships and convert your clients, customers, employees, and business alliance partnerships into an enthusiastic team of superfans! Imagine how having a lineup of superfans passionately promoting your business and passing you qualified referrals will affect your income. Learn ways to maintain your superfans’ enthusiasm and keep them cheering you to victory by using the $uperfans Scorecard.

Frederick Dudek, a multi-million-dollar international sales & marketing executive with over 30+ years of experience, shares his twelve, time-tested approaches to achieve consistent, inexpensive, and repeatable results for your company. Get the Creating Business Superfans – Playbook to achieve the business success you desire while working less and earning more.


E27꞉ Frederick Dudek

Steve Feld:

I'm this coach Steve. My goal is to stop business owners from suffering entrepreneurial depression and start making running their businesses much easier. Business owners and entrepreneurs, hire me to crack seven figures without burning themselves out. Welcome today's version of Biz Coach and Coffee. We have another great guest for you today we have Frederick Dudek.

Now I've known him for a long time. This guy ha, is pretty darn amazing. I mean, he just finished writing a book, which we were just gonna be talking to us about. But when Frederick isn't turning his ideas into millions of dollars in global sales, the award winning authors, speaker and top sales executive spends time inspiring others to achieve their highest business.

Now you can receive the benefit of Frederick's mentorship and experience through his new book Business Superfans. Welcome, Frederick.

Frederick Dudek:

Hey, Steve, great to be on your show. Excited, lots of things happening. Oh yeah. So this will be great. Book is real. It exists. It's only four years in the makings. Uh, multiple restarts and redos and start overs.

But, uh, we got it past the finish line and it's been a number one new release for over a week.

Steve Feld:

Oh, excellent. I know I've seen their copies when you were in the creation phase of it and given some feedback on those things and watching you through this whole journey. It's been amazing, and I think a lot of people don't realize, you know, we have a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, and creating a book of labor of love.

I mean, you really need a lot of support around you. Isn't that.

Frederick Dudek:

Oh, absolutely. You, you gotta have a, it takes a village. Mm-hmm. is, uh, is one of the things I talk about is, you know, it's a team and you gotta have multiple people that, uh, help and cuz you can't do everything. Uh, and getting a good team is critical.

Mm-hmm. . And, and more importantly, acknowledging that team for their efforts is even more critical because that just motivates them to do more for you.

Steve Feld:

Exactly. Which is, and I know in the, and we've talked about it too, it's like little things matter, don't they?

Frederick Dudek:

Absolutely. It's, it's, you know, sang a Thank you.

I appreciate you. Excellent job. Uh, you know, um, I'm empowering you, you make the call, you know, you're, you're running this, the thing, it's in your hands. People feel that they, they're empowered and if you make people feel empowered, they're going to go out of their way to, to do a good job.

Steve Feld:

Exactly. Great.

And tell us a little bit more about yourself too. Cause I know we're gonna go back a little bit, but you know, how do you go in and work with people or who are your clients and how do you help?

Frederick Dudek:

Well, uh, like right now I'm working with a, with a company called a Foreign Language Service, uh, that provides language interpreting and translation services.

So one of the things that I'm doing with them is we're, we're updating their whole, uh, presence. We're moving them from the, you know, 19, you know, the. The 1990s into the 21st century, were changing some of the marketing approaches. But, you know, I helped them bring on board, for example, a, uh, new customer success advisor and he's a refugee from Afghanistan that, uh, was involved with helping our military.

Very smart guy, and, um, having him to be our onboarding person to help. New customers get onboarded with us, know how to use the system. Uh, so they can either do instant, you know, telephonic interpreting, uh, uh, video interpreting or in person interpreting. And that's his role as well as helping interpreters get onboard.

So a modernizing, you know, that company and, and their websites. and, uh, There also happened to be one of my sponsors for my book, and they're, you know, we're, we're taking them to a whole nother level to where, you know, they're now starting to do employee, uh, birthday party recognitions.

Cause I talk about the importance of that in the book. And they got a copy of the book and we've been starting to implement a lot of the things that I talk about in the book.

Steve Feld:

I know we've talked about like those little teeny tiny things. You know, how to recognize your employees and give a lot of value to them, and basically turning them in said, Well, super fans for your own business.

Frederick Dudek:

I know that's really you, you're exactly right. Because here's, here's the thing and, and the reason I created Business Super Fans, it's a very different book. Uh, and that's why we call it the Winner's Playbook. Very different book than what's that's out there. A lot of people write a book strictly on stuff for customers, and then you've got another group that talks about stuff for employees.

Nobody ever talks about business alliance partners. Mm-hmm. and how to build relationships and maintain relationships with that. And nobody ever really talks about how really they're all three interconnected. And that's one of the things that I took upon. And that's when I saw something that was really unique was, uh, and that's what motivated me to write as a superfans, was the fact that at the end of the day, All three are very intertwined.

If you take care of your customers, they're gonna, they're gonna be promoting you. If you take care of your employees, they're gonna take a good care of your customers and they're gonna also take care of your business Alliance partners if you don't take care of your Business Alliance partners, which is probably a referral source as an example of Painter on the floor.

Okay. You know, the flooring guy gets in and, and gets a couple projects and get, and says, Oh, not that we got a new floors. We need paint walls painted. Well, if the flooring guy's always giving the painting guy referrals and a painting, guy's giving nothing back to the flooring guy, eventually that relationship's gonna dissolve because it's a one way thing.

It's not a partnership anymore. So those are the things I talk about and how to keep everybody in, uh, energized, uh, and enthusiastic to become your business super fan. Exactly.

Steve Feld:

It's a nurturing, nurturing program and I think a lot of businesses fail on that. No matter what size you're in, it's, I know we've also talked about, it's like even join Venture Partners, We get you, I received gifts from.

Uh, I, and he, I'm always on, he's always on top of my radar. He's always, first when I call on certain things, it's like, why? It's the little things that he's, he. It adds up. Well,

Frederick Dudek:

And that's, that's why we created, you know, here's the other unique part. You know, a lot of people write a book. I created stuff to go in conjunction.

So what we created was the business super fan score car wheel. And so what happens is at the end of each chapter, you can rate yourself zero to 10 and how your. Collectively is doing for the tap topic in that particular, uh, chapter. And then you, you move to the wheel here and you'll end up, Most people won't have a circular wheel to have a dilapidated wheel, and they know what they need to fix on.

So what we did was, Okay, well now that you know what you'd fix on, we created a worksheet. An action plan that goes in conjunction with it that, okay, uh, what action steps do I wanna take? Who's responsible? What's my deadline? Resources? What are my barriers and what are the results I expect? And so, you know, there's a.

Whole aspect that to make it more interactive and, and guide people to do it. And you know, we're launching the business Super fan accelerator community, which will be helped to help, uh, PE keep people accountable as well as the Business Superfan podcast, which you and I have talked about. But they'll be starting sometime next month.

Steve Feld:

Excellent. Well, we're gonna take a quick break to have our sponsor give a quick plug, and we will be right back with Frederick. This episode is sponsored by Spotlight. Get your expert book completed in 30 days. If you don't have an expert lead magnet book about you and how you serve your market, then visit

Link is also in the show notes. Put a spotlight on your expertise. And we're back.

And we're back with Frederick Dudek

Frederick Dudek:

Hello. Okay, you're talking

Steve Feld:

About your, Oh, go ahead.

Frederick Dudek:

Yeah, no. One of other things that, uh, that we did is, um, that, that added as a, as a different tool is, you know, in business you have to know what your market is. Right. I mean, you know, you gotta know who your avatar is, your ideal markets.

You can define your marketing message to them, et cetera, et cetera. And I get a whole chapter that's called, you know, a prospecting chapter. But what we did beyond that is we created the Business Superfan customer avatar worksheet. It's 14 pages. What we, we, we, we carried everybody else's of tools, and I believe that we created the best one out.

You know, that gets into all the different things. All, you know, your goals, pain points, challenges, fears, and it's, uh, this is a complete fillable PDF and people can actually purchase this for simply $2 and 97 cents off the business, uh, super fans website.

Steve Feld:

Okay, great. And how other things can you, what do you else do you do with.

Going into a business and do you show 'em this? Do you do workshops for him?

Frederick Dudek:

What we're planning to do is, uh, provide coaching through the, through the business super fan accelerator community. Uh, that will be, you know, because then people can actually interact with peers. So it's business, it's gonna be business owners.

And, you know, to help them accomplish the things that we talk about on a scorecard. You know, and what is you doing? How are you doing it? How can we help? Uh, and, and there's different ways that'll be available for people to directly connect with me or be part of a, um, monthly video. Ask me anything, webinar or a private, uh, uh, super fan six, uh, Mastermind.

Steve Feld:

Great. Does it matter what kind of business they are or what size they are to implement these things?

Frederick Dudek:

No, actually it's, uh, the, my whole target market for my avatar is actually a solo entrepreneur and small to medium size business is the type of, uh, companies that would really benefit from, um, what's in business superfans.

Um, the book, what prompted you writing the book? Um, I've always wanted to kinda write a book, and I, I've thought about it and thought about it. And then finally, I, four years ago I picked up, I, I connected with somebody that says I know somebody that, uh, you know, helps people publish a book. And so I reached out to them and we talked a little bit and they, you know, and then I started writing and, you know, So, like I said, I threw out the first stuff.

Then the second stuff, I went down the road and threw that out, started over until I finally felt something that was good. And one thing I can say is that once you got the topic subject matter and, and it feels good. And the feedback that you get from testing and talking to people is positive. You just flow.

It just, it just goes

Steve Feld:

Exactly. Yeah. And you're bringing up the whole support system. It's like, Yeah, I've, I just actually got my first proof in for my seventh book, so it's, now I gotta go through that. But it's like, Listen, I can't do it alone. I know you didn't do it alone. It definitely, and I'm trying to stress that to a lot of small business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants.

It's like, Listen folks, you definitely need help in your business to grow. Because we can only do so much, so many hours in a day, and we only know what we know. So we gotta reach out to those people to get that help. And you are bringing up joint venture partners, and I think that's a great strategy. What could you, one tip you can give everyone about joint ventures.

Frederick Dudek:

Uh, one tip I can talk about is one is, You can co-market into each other's databases. Okay? So that's number one. And, and that's huge because you're basically endorsing the other guy and the other guy's endorsing, or gals endorsing you. So that's a very brilliant cost effective way to market into each other's market.

But at the same time, like as, like I mentioned earlier, You've gotta express appreciation and gratitude, uh, when you're, when they're giving you something, because it can't be just one way. It's gotta be both ways. And their people is just like everybody else. And so they, they appreciate. And if you have a team, so let's say you're, you're in a home improvement industry, You're gonna have somebody that does flooring, you're gonna have somebody that does electrical.

You're gonna have somebody that does this, this, this. You wanna re. Those people on, you know, uh, what I would call doing an unexpected extra, something that they wouldn't expect to just say, Hey, you know, Michael, I really appreciate you and I wanna just thank you for helping me in this particular project Because of you.

We were successful, the customer was happy, and we killed it. And by the way, the customer's given us two referrals since then and, and of positive review when That's it.

Steve Feld:

Excellent. And I know we're all givers here. Uh, what kind of, what can you give our audience to start taking advantage of, you know, learning this?

Frederick Dudek:

Well, they can clearly go to the Business Super fans, uh, website and they can get the scorecard for free, scorecards for free right now, if they want the, uh, this killer, uh, avatar worksheet, they can, it's normally 5 97 or something like that. It's down to 2 97, so they'll get a discount on that as well as they can join the Business Super fans accelerator community, and that's free to get joined up.


Steve Feld:

We will have all those links in the show notes, so please take advantage of Frederick's offers. Great. Uh, any last parting words before we get outta here?

Frederick Dudek:

No, uh, looking, uh, best thing I can suggest is, uh, or say is, um, be a superfan superstar.

Steve Feld:

Excellent. Well folks, definitely check Frederick out. Take a look at his book.

Make sure you go ahead and take advantage of those offers. Frederick, I wanna say thank you for being our guest here.

Frederick Dudek:

Thank you Steve.

Steve Feld:

We had a great time together and let's do this offline, but let's get on a call for about 30 minutes and let's see if we can partner up on something and see, help each other grow our businesses.

Cause that's what this is all about.

Frederick Dudek:

Sounds good, man. Talk to you soon.

Steve Feld:

Everyone out there. It's your business success. This is Biz Coach Steve Fell. We hope you enjoy today's topic. If you'd like to discuss how you can apply these strategies in your business, let us know. This episode is sponsored by Spotlight.

Get your own expert book written about you. In 30 days, set yourself apart from the competition. Make sure you like and subscribe to this channel. Also, feel free to give us your comments. We've looked forward to hearing from you at Biz Coach and Coffee.

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