10: Sales to Superfans: Strategies for Memorable Business Growth with Michael Goodman


In this podcast episode, host Frederick (Freddy D) interviews Michael Goodman, a seasoned sales expert. Michael shares his personal journey from a struggling salesperson to a successful sales coach and mentor, including a pivotal moment when he was fired by his own father. They delve into the common mistakes of salespeople, such as talking too much and not listening to the customer’s needs. Michael emphasizes the importance of creating superfans and maintaining relationships with customers post-sale. The conversation also covers the impact of the dot-com bubble on business and the lack of structured sales training for newcomers in the industry.


With over 20 years in Corporate Sales and over 23 in private practice consulting, teaching, and mostly coaching, Michael Goodman has seen almost every problem in sales a person could face. Many of them he experienced as a salesperson. From that experience, he wrote the curriculum for the Solomon Sales System, a work that has been in constant use in companies for 20 years.

Michael also created AzSalesPros, a community for education, motivation, and community for all things sales in Arizona. While skilled in Leadership, Communication, Sales, Profitability, and Relationships, the work Michael likes best is helping his clients find and free their identity and become world-class in their profession.

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Bullet Points

  • Importance of creating superfans in business
  • Sales strategies and mistakes salespeople make
  • Significance of maintaining and building relationships with existing customers
  • Concept of net promoter score and the value of feedback in improving business relationships
  • Evolution into sales coaching and mentoring with companies
  • Lack of effective training ground for salespeople
  • The natural sales ability of children and how it changes as adults
  • The biggest mistakes salespeople make, including talking too much and ignoring existing customers

Best Quotes

Michael Goodman, 00:03:26, “When you fail for your dad, it’s ugly. It wasn’t pretty. I hated that, and I wanted to prove that I could be good at this.”

Michael Goodman, 00:19:05, “Come on, there’s nothing better than that.”

‘Michael Goodman’, ’00:24:32′, “Everybody’s a salesperson, and we’re all here to make sure the customer is happy and taken care of.”

‘Michael Goodman’, ’00:25:38′, “If you don’t maintain the relationship, you’re toast.”

‘Michael Goodman’, ’00:32:55′, “I love your book, and it’s clear how much you have brought to people to make a difference in their lives.”


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

Episode Transcript

10: Sales to Superfans: Strategies for Memorable Business Growth with Michael Goodman

Freddy D (00:00:00) – With 20 years of experience in corporate sales and over 23 years in private practice consulting, teaching and primarily coaching, Michael Goodman has encountered a wide range of sales challenges. Having walked in the shoes of a salesperson himself, he has gained comprehensive insights into the array of problems that could possibly occur in sales based on an experience. He crafted a curriculum for the Solomon Sale System, a comprehensive work that has been continually utilized by various companies for over 20 years. Michael has also created A-Z Sales Pro, a dynamic community for education, motivation and all things sales in Arizona. While skilled in leadership, communication, sales, profitability, and relationship to work, Mike does best is helping his clients find and free their identity and become world class at their profession. Michael.

Michael Goodman (00:00:47) – Well, thank you for having me. Freddy D seems weird to be calling you Freddy because every time I communicate with you, it’s always Frederick. So Freddy just seemed so strange, you know? Not not formal, not. Well, that’s.

Freddy D (00:01:01) – This is the fun guy.

Freddy D (00:01:02) – This is the the the Frederick is the business guy, the Freddy d guys, the podcast host, the guy that makes things happen. He’s the fun guy that you have a beer to with a glass of wine, etc.. So that’s it. So that’s. That’s the fun, dude. So, Michael, how did you get started in sales?

Michael Goodman (00:01:24) – About that question. I have a great story and I hope you find it as great as I do. When I was a kid, people I can walk into a waiting room with a bunch of people sitting around and chairs and whatnot, and I could go one by one talking to each of them until my mom glowered at me and pulled me back. So we don’t talk to strangers. And I think what she was doing with watching the other people in the room saying if I was annoying them or not. And then when I did, she pulled me back. And so this guy who knew me, knew what I was like and knew that I didn’t have any trouble talking to people and wasn’t that shy.

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