6: Practice Growth HQ | The Fine Art of Listening to Your Customers with Author, Frederick Dudek


In this episode of Practice Growth HQ, host Angus Pryor sits down with Frederick Dudek, author of “Business Superfans,” to dive into the critical skill of actively listening to patients in healthcare practice. With Dudeck’s background of transforming ideas into millions and inspiring others to reach business success, they discuss the practical strategies that can help healthcare professionals grow their practices and retain patients.

Born in France and raised in Warren, Michigan, Dudek imparts his wisdom starting with his humble beginnings as a draftsperson in the automotive industry, eventually leading to global sales leadership. He emphasizes the pivotal role of creating loyal ‘superfans’ through techniques such as the reverse sell, showing genuine appreciation, celebrating clients on special occasions, and providing unexpected extras.

Dudek shares profound insights, drawing connections between excellent customer service and successful practice growth, including fostering beneficial business alliances, prioritizing customer retention, and leveraging positive reviews. He suggests that going above and beyond for clients isn’t just a nice gesture—it’s effective marketing.

Ending on a note of gratitude, the episode encourages healthcare practitioners to self-assess using practical action steps to improve engagement with patients, colleagues, and business partners to cultivate superfandom and truly exceptional service. Don’t miss out on the recommendations for healthcare professionals to harness the power of appreciation, recognition, and proactive engagement to turn everyday interactions into opportunities for growth. Listeners are invited to reflect on their initial steps inspired by the conversation and leave a five-star rating for more insightful content.


Frederick Dudek, author of the renowned book “Creating Business Superfans,” is an accomplished sales and marketing executive with over 30 years of experience in achieving remarkable sales performance results in global business markets. With a successful track record in the SaaS industry and now in interpretation and translation industry, Frederick brings expertise and insight to help businesses thrive. As the host of the up-and-coming Business Superfans Podcast and a sought-after speaker, he shares invaluable knowledge and strategies to propel organizations toward success.

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1. “One of my superpowers is getting people to do things that they didn’t think they could do.”

2. “Something my 20 year old self knew is always have a vision and go after it and never lose sight of that vision.”

3. “I’m grateful for my companionette who’s been with me for ten years, and her and I have gone through ups and downs and we’re still madly in love with one another and we’re planning to explore numerous countries together.”

4. “Think and grow rich. Yeah, it’s a classic, isn’t it? It’s the sort of book that people, frankly, probably should read annually.”


Cultivating Your Superfans, Accelerating Your Brand, Attaining Your Sustained Success

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6: Practice Growth HQ | The Fine Art of Listening to Your Customers with Author, Frederick Dudek

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